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Publish date: Oct 7, 2013

Championships staff receives more than 1,900 bids to host events

More than 500 preliminary and final host sites will be awarded


By Greg Johnson

As the bidding period closes today, the NCAA Championships and Alliances staff has received 1,948 bids across all divisions that will eventually be awarded to more than 500 preliminary and final host sites for the 2014-15 through 2017-18 academic years.

Sports Committees in 82 of the 89 NCAA championships will begin reviewing bids today, and finalists for predetermined preliminary and final sites will be announced Oct. 30.

All other bid awards will be announced Dec. 11.

This is the first time the NCAA Championships and Alliances staff has conducted the bid process with this consolidated approach.

“We are truly humbled and honored by both the quantity and quality of the bids received,” said Mark Lewis, executive vice president of championships and alliances. “The respective sports committees will have extremely difficult decisions to make over the next month or so, as it is obvious that our membership and the respective host cities put a lot of time in preparing these bids. There is no doubt our student-athletes will be competing in some tremendous venues all over the United States.”

An example of how schools, conferences, sports commissions, local organizing committees and others entities are responding to the new process can be seen with the 2017 Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship. Twenty-six bids were received from potential regional hosts, and 18 bids came in to host the championship finals site. In sum, bids were received from all of the states eligible to host NCAA championships with the exception of Idaho.

The goals of the new consolidated bid process include enhancing the awareness of NCAA championship hosting opportunities with prospective hosts, increasing the number of multi-year bids per championship and eliminating the perpetual-bid environment. Hosts were asked to submit the following information:

  • Facility evaluation;
  • Response to bid specifications;
  • Proposed budget;
  • Details outlining a host’s strategy to enhance the student-athlete and fan experience;
  • Any additional information to differentiate their bid from others.

The Men’s and Women’s Final Fours are excluded from this bid process at this time; they are currently out for bid for the tournaments in years 2017 through 2020. Hosts will be announced in the fall of 2014.

Additionally, there was no request for bids for championship events in Division I Baseball, Division I Football Championship Subdivision, Division I Men’s and Women’s Golf, Division I Softball and Division III Women’s Ice Hockey.

The baseball, football and softball championships already have hosting deals in place. The Division I Women’s Golf Committee is working to finalize the format of its championship to include a site in subsequent weeks to the Division I Men’s Golf Championship, per a request from the Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet.

The Division III Women’s Ice Hockey Championship is returning to a non-predetermined site format.