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Publish date: Mar 13, 2013

University of New Mexico men's soccer coaches reprimanded for misconduct

A public reprimand and certain penalties have been issued for University of New Mexico men’s soccer head coach Jeremy Fishbein and goalkeeper coach Savva Biller for misconduct during the 2012 NCAA Division I Men’s Soccer Championship.

Specifically, Biller was found by the men’s soccer committee to have engaged in misconduct when, during its second-round match against Virginia, he used profane and unsporting language towards Virginia student-athletes when directing them to the other side of the field and goal at halftime. Further, when approached and asked by tournament management staff to return to New Mexico’s side of the field, he used profane language to them as well. In addition, towards the end of the match when New Mexico scored with 18 seconds remaining, Mr. Biller made an obscene gesture towards the Virginia coaches and team bench.

Fishbein was found to have engaged in misconduct by failing to attend a mandatory administrative meeting prior to its third-round match against Connecticut.

In addition to issuing public reprimands, the committee fined each coach for their actions. The committee also would have instituted a one-game NCAA championship suspension for Biller; however, Fishbein suspended him from traveling to its third-round match at the time and the committee believes additional suspensions are not warranted.

“We believe the championship is discredited by the unsportsmanlike actions of these coaches and expect all coaches to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the championship,” said Richard Regan, chair of the Division I Men’s Soccer Committee and director of athletics at The College of the Holy Cross.

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