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Publish date: Jan 22, 2013

Women’s basketball recruiting rules to change, 
COI members appointed

By Michelle Brutlag Hosick

Division I women’s basketball coaches will be recruiting student-athletes under a new set of rules in the future.

The Board of Directors on Saturday adopted a new recruiting model that includes changes in rules governing communication with prospects, off-campus contacts, official visits, on-campus evaluations and the creation of a summer academic access model.

The new model:

The summer access and tryouts pieces are effective immediately. The remainder will be effective Aug. 1.

In other business, the Board also voted to allow former NCAA coaches to serve on the Division I Committee on Infractions within 10 years of their employment at an NCAA institution. Originally, coaches had to be within three years of their employment to serve on the committee, but the pool of candidates who meet the three-year limitation was small.

The Board also appointed a group of people to the expanded Committee on Infractions as a first step toward a larger, more representative group. The appointments bring the total of members to 18, with the goal of 24 members that will work in panel groups to help accelerate the process. Appointed to the committee were:

The new members begin their terms Aug. 1.


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