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Publish date: Jan 17, 2013

DI SAAC elects Andrews, Purcilly as vice chairs

By Michelle Hosick

The Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee elected Oregon track and field student-athlete Sarah Andrews and St. Peter’s baseball student-athlete Adam Purcilly as vice chairs for 2013. Either Andrews or Purcilly will serve as chair in 2014.

In his speech to the SAAC, Purcilly stressed the need to amplify the student-athlete voice, especially in the governance process and at the conference level. 

He hopes to leverge the ntional podium to improve the experience for student-athletes.

“I want to find a way to make the student-athlete experience better,” Purcilly said. “It’s something I’m really passionate about.”

Andrews said her goals are the same as the national SAAC’s overarching goals – to support student-athlete well-being and enhance the student-athlete experience. But she also has some personal goals for her time in the leadership role.

“I want to work to improve student-athlete development as a whole person,” she said. “I think that on and off the court, it’s important to have well-rounded student-athletes, and that’s something that is often overlooked.”

Maddie Salamone, lacrosse student-athlete at Duke, will succeed former Colorado State student-athlete Eugene Daniels as chair beginning Jan. 19. Salamone said she is eager to provide the student-athlete voice as the reform agenda continues.

“I want to get SAAC on the forefront of the discussion and do all we can to make sure the student-athlete voice is getting out there,” Salamone said. “We need to be as involved as we can be.”

SAAC spent much of its morning asking questions of various NCAA staff members, including Rachel Newman Baker, managing director of enforcement, and Jennifer Fraser, director of academic and membership affairs. Newman Baker talked to the group about changes in the enforcement process and her group’s approach to relationship-building. Fraser discussed the Academic Performance Program and postseason ineligibility.

Chip Kuachak of Samaritan’s Feet also addressed the group, most of whom were wearing orange ribbons in support of the organization SAAC selected as its outreach partner.

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