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Publish date: Apr 19, 2013

For the Record: Columnist Greg Cote mischaracterizes process

In a recent Miami Herald story that also ran in other media outlets, columnist Greg Cote misstated basic, longstanding facts about the NCAA infractions process.

While the NCAA enforcement staff gathers the facts of a case, the Committee on Infractions is a separate and independent group that determines what violations may have occurred and any appropriate penalties. To inform its final decision, the Committee uses information not only provided to them by the enforcement staff, but also the involved school and individuals. The Committee on Infractions is comprised of diverse individuals from the NCAA membership and general public.

When NCAA member schools created the rules that govern the infractions process, they intentionally divided the fact-finding process from that which decides the outcome of the case.

In direct contradiction to Cote’s assertions, this check and balance exists to provide a fair, neutral process for any school or individual involved in the infractions process.

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