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The NCAA News Digest

May 26, 1997


Sixteen more institutions gain fully certified status

A total of 16 Division I schools recently were awarded certified status by the NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification.

Institutions receiving a designation of certified were Alabama State University; Coastal Carolina University; Dartmouth College; Uni-versity of Dayton; University of Delaware; Indiana University, Bloomington; Kent State University; University of Kentucky; University of Louisville; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Michigan State University; University of Notre Dame; Saint Louis University; Univer-sity of San Francisco; St. Bonaventure University; and Yale University.

The University of North Carolina, Asheville, received a designation of certified with conditions.

Staff contact: David A. Knopp.


Rate of positive tests in '96 similar to previous year

The percentage of NCAA student-athletes ruled ineligible as the result of a positive drug test in 1996 was similar to the rate for 1995.

In the January-June 1996 period, 0.9 percent of the athletes tested were ruled ineligible, which is identical to the same period in 1995. From August-December 1996, the rate of positive ineligibles also was 0.9 percent, compared to 1.0 percent for the same period in 1995.

In both 1996 periods, most positive tests involved anabolic steroids (or masking agents).

Staff contact: Frank D. Uryasz.


Survey on financial issues due at national office by June 13

Division II members are reminded that a survey to aid in determining how to allocate an anticipated annual surplus in the division budget and whether to revise the current method for distributing the $3 million Division II en-hancement fund should be returned to the national office by June 13.

Staff contact: Nancy L. Mitchell.


Deadline approaching for return of 48H forms

High schools have until May 31 to return their 48H forms to the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse with any course title changes or, if the school has no form on file, to submit a form listing what it considers its core courses.

The NCAA Council in January established a 90-day window during which high schools could amend the list of courses in their curricula that are considered core courses for initial-eligibility purposes. Worksheets have been de-signed to allow input from high schools re-garding why a course should qualify as a core course.

Staff contact: Kevin C. Lennon.


Administrators asked to submit nominations for 1997 award

The nominations are due at the national office by June 20. The seventh NCAA Woman of the Year dinner will be conducted October 19 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The goal of this year's program is to have a nominee from every member institution, NCAA Executive Director Cedric W. Dempsey said. He asked that administrators consider the racial diversity of their student population when making nominations for the award.

The award recognizes student-athletes who best exemplify a balanced commitment to academics, athletics, and service and leadership.

The state awardees will be announced in August.

Staff contact: Cindy Van Matre and Janet M. Justus.