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Softball committee plans weekly RPI

Sep 5, 2008 9:37:51 AM

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The Division I Softball Committee will release the ratings percentage index of teams on a weekly basis beginning in April of the 2009 season.

The softball RPI information will appear on

Previously, the committee released the RPI at mid-season and near the end of the regular season.

“The more often you can provide updates on where people are at, the more people become informed,” said David Batson, committee chair and director of compliance at Texas A&M. “It’s one of the factors we use during the selection process but not the only factor.”

Releasing the NCAA RPI also can clear up any confusion as to other outlets that have their own versions regarding the strength of teams around the country.

It will also help committee members prepare for selections.

“It gives us information to know how teams in their regions are doing,” Batson said. “They can discuss this information on their regional advisory committee calls and discuss which deserving teams to look at for at-large bids.”

Batson believes a more transparent process can create more interest in the sport.

“Every time it comes out it can get people talking,” Batson said. “People may chat about it on message boards or in the media. It creates the ability to market and promote your sport through our organization.”

In other action, the committee reviewed the umpire improvement program. It received updates on training sessions and evaluations of new umpires who worked regionals and super regionals.

The goal of the program is to develop more consistency around the country and create a process where the best umpires can be identified to call games in the championship.

“We want the pool to be as broad as possible on who can qualify,” Batson said. “That way if someone is having a fantastic year they may be able to get into postseason play as opposed to it being determined earlier on in the season.”




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